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Monday, December 29, 2008

Design Team Call

Elemental Doodles Design Team (EDDT) Call!!!!

We are looking to build a unique and versatile design team made up of 5 designers. Please see below for complete information about our Design Team Call.

Application Requirements:

Artwork Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline: Artwork must be received by January 20th. Design Team
    selections will be announced on or before February 1st.
  • Create at least 3 cards and 1 non-card project using images of your choice so that we can get an accurate view of your style. These projects should reflect your general style and stamping should be the focus. Please submit full cards and not just card fronts. Artwork should be clean and neat. If you already own Rubbertree Enterprises images you may use these. Otherwise, any stamp line will do as long as stamping is the primary focus of your artwork.
  • Mail your submissions to: Elemental Doodles, c/o Melodie Hand, 4913 Lord Nelson Dr., Raleigh, NC 27610
  • Submissions will not be returned. These may be held for future consideration.
  • Be sure to include the following information attached to the back of each sample: Your Name, mailing address, email address and phone number. If it is not attached it could get lost or separated from your submission so please take the time to attach this information directly to the back of the piece you are submitting.
  • Please include a cover sheet with the following information provided along with your samples:
  1. Name & Contact Information (same as what you put on the back of your samples)
  2. Brief Self Bio – please include information such as how long you have been
    stamping/scrapping/artfully creating, your favorites (coloring mediums, surfaces, stamp style, colors, etc), what inspires you, your other talents/hobbies/interests, etc.
  3. Web address of your blog or other online galleries where your work is posted
  4. What email lists/online communities you are a member of (and active with)
  5. What other design teams are you currently on or were previously on and how long have you been on these design teams?
  6. Why do you want to be a part of the EDDT?
  7. How much time would you be able to devote to EDDT responsibilities?
  8. What do you feel would be your greatest attribute to the EDDT?
  9. Have you ever used clear stamps and what is your opinion of them?
  10. Publications your work has appeared in (Publication Name, Issue Date, Page Number).
  11. What are your expectations from Elemental Doodles if you were to be a design team member?

Elemental Doodles Design Team (EDDT) Terms

  • 6 month Term running from February-July and August-January
  • Term may be renewed upon request & review
  • DT responsibilities include:
  1. Submit a minimum of 3 projects per month (these do not have to be only cards and should be a combination of types of projects) – mailed to 4913 Lord Nelson Dr.,
    Raleigh, NC 27610. Each project shall have your name & contact information as
    well as a list of ingredients used to complete included.
  2. Submit a minimum of 1 complete step by step project tutorial that can be used as an online tutorial and/or at in person classes hosted by ED.
  3. Promote ED on your personal blog via a direct link to the ED website and regular posting of projects created using ED products.
  4. Post projects created using ED products to email lists, message boards and other online communities you may participate in to help promote ED products.
  5. Participate in the EDDT yahoogroup discussions (a yahoogroup will be formed for the EDDT and each member will be required to join).
  6. Monthly submissions of your artwork to printed stamping/art related publications of your choice using Elemental Doodles stamps and giving stamp /product credits to ED. It would be a good idea to make these submissions different from what you send in as your monthly quota to ED.
  7. There may be, from time to time, a specific project type request from ED.

What ED will provide to DT members:

  • This is a non-paying position. The only comnpensation artists receive would be the free stamp sets and any other supplies and discounts provided by ED as stated in this notice or other written agreement between ED and the DT members.
  • One - Two stamp sets per month (this may be either clear or red rubber while we make the transition from rubber to clear stamps). DT members will need to provide a list of Rubbertree Enterprises stamp sets they own so that we can ensure each DT member receives sets they do not already own each month. The stamp set received will be random and may be an existing set or a new set at the discretion of ED.
  • Other products and supplies may be provided as they become available.
  • 25% discount on all ED stamps and supplies sold through ED.
  • Spotlight on the ED website and company blog.
  • Direct linking/promotion of your personal blog on the ED website and company blog.
  • If you have an Etsy store or other online marketplace where you sell your finished products we will gladly list it on the ED website and blog.
  • Artwork credit for your artwork published on the ED website and blog.

These terms are subject to change as needed by ED. Any changes will be made in writing.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at .

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