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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! aka December Challenge

My entry for the DT December Challenge was a Christmas ornament made from a CD.
I began by trimming 2 circles same size as a CD.  I glued one side onto the CD after stamping and coloring the images (all from Elemental Doodles plate ED008 "Mystic Fairy").
Then I cut small 2" pcs of ribbon and folded each in half with a twist and glued them together.  When dried I attached them with glue lines to the CD around the edge.  
I stamped the other paper and glued it on the CD after adding a larger ribbon for a hanger.
Below is the opposite side:

I added some sticker words to finish it off and hung it on my Christmas tree!

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  1. this is very pretty I am sure it looked lovely on the tree!