Coming Back Soon!!!
Please forgive us any inconvenience our absence has caused. Unforseen circumstances has kept Kim and Mel both away from duties with ED. But we will be back soon. We are working on revamping everything here at ED. We've missed everyone. See you all soon!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sneak Peak Again

We have posted a few sneak peak sets on our website at Please be sure to visit our site to see what we have in store. We actually have over 100 sets that will be released over the next year or two. We will be publishing release dates for several different sets in Febraury. **NOTE** The tea set has been revised. Please refer to our website sneak peak page for the revised version. **


  1. I love the sets you're coming out with. The tea one and the scenery one really caught my eye. I signed up for the notices, now I can hardly wait till they're released!

  2. Good Luck in your venture into the stamping world. I hope all goes well with your new company. I am inspired.

  3. I was checking out your sneak peak and I have to tell you that those fairies are AMAZING!!! My bank account is growing smaller as I look!