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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Products & New Projects

Whew, it's been a while since we've posted to our blog. We do apologize for that. We are so excited about rolling out our newest product line.....

SCENT-A-MIST.....What is it you ask? Introducing the newest and only scented shimmer spray on the market. Our shimmer spray not only has MORE shimmer than any other spray on the market........but it is also SCENTED!!!!! It's a's shimmers (a LOT).....AND, it is available with SCENT!!!!! So now you can add sparkle, shine, color and scent all at one time to your projects.

Scent-A-Mist is available in 8 colors to start with (we have many more to come very soon). Available in 2 sizes (1/4 ounce travel size and 2 oz refill size).

1/4 oz. Travel Size Mister = $3.25 each
2 oz. Refill (with refill top & spray top) = $5.50 each

Below is a color chart that one of our DT members (Paula) put together for us. As you can imagine, capturing the true color on camera is not easy with products that are translucent and shimmery. We will post a picture of the actual product very soon so you can see the packaging.

We have a TON of new projects that our DT has submitted to us. We are currently working on getting them all posted to our blog and website.

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